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Suns of flour filled with joy!

What is an empanada?
It´s a pastry turnover filled with ingredients.

About our empanadas
We could say that it´s a pastry turnover filled with a variety of savoury and sweet ingredients. That it has its beginnings in Spain, its history in South America, but the world´s most famous recipes in Argentina. We could say that it´s prepared with wholesome ingredientes and clean label concepts. That it has no artificial additives or preservatives, with the highest filling to dough ratio in the industry. Multiple flavors high in Protein, Calcium, & Vitamin A. That it´s a quick meal solution, with a 5 to 12 minute preparation, either fried or baked. We could also say that it´s a finger food, easy to eat at any time. That it´s a convenient and inexpensive grab-&-go product. Amongst the top hispanic items in the market, a great food service and retail opportunity.
But we wouldn´t be saying the whole story.
Our empanadas are so much more…!
A homemade style snack full of memories.
An Argentinean habit that can be expressed in many cultures.
A delicious excuse to gather our family.
A nutritional dish to give our children.
A versatile recipe with your choice of filling.
And the perfect meal to share with our friends.
A healthy passion made with love!

The filling
Our empanadas are prepared with fillings from all kinds of cultures and regions.
Ask for the recipe of your choice, with your favorite ingredients and flavors.